We Luv Wrestling Spot : Monteasy

Monteasy, of SwerveCity Podcast, a motivational speaker, the former Theme Song King, now known as The Titan. He’s the man behind some of your favorite wrestlers themes, such as Big Swole’s Swole and Sammy Guevara’s Flight. He graced us with some time and had a convo with us about his love of wrestling. We find out how he got started in the business to being one of the most sought people in the business now. We also find out some jewels about his upcoming project with Isiah Swerve Scott, GPS/Erica’s Son, which GPS being the duo’s 10 songs and Erica’s Son, is where Monteasy takes on an personal journey with 10 additional songs his he puts his passion into the the 10 songs. You are going to want to keep your eyes and ears open for him cause he will he heard. 

Below you can catch part of his new song for All Elite Wrestling star Brian Cage called Caged (Terminate in Sight) directed by All The X Visuals, it will be available on all digital platforms on August 25th. 

We would like to Thank Monteasy for giving us his time and personal motivating words. He got real gems on for us as being apart of the wrestling family. We will be supporting you all the way! 

Twitter and IG : @teasyscott
Facebook : Monteasy

Any Request : [email protected]

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