WLW Team

Meet the people behind We Luv Wrestling!


I’m Terry Davis (WLW Weekly) and I’ve been a wrestling fan since I can remember. Since 2012, I have been screaming “We Luv Wrestling” because no matter what when I was going to shows I could never be lonely cause if “You Luv Wrestling and I Luv Wrestling, then We Luv Wrestling”! I just love how wrestling brings people together. For me, wrestling is to be enjoyed not deconstructed. I enjoy the show, but I might go on a tirade after, lol. You never know where you might see me. I enjoy the show, and just want everybody to enjoy wrestling. If there’s wrestling around you might see me.

Hi, my name is Nicole (Down 4 The Count) and I want to tell you why I luv wrestling.

Professional wrestling has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. It has become one of the few constants in my life and I have met some amazing people and have gotten to experience so many wonderful moments that I will forever cherish.


I love wrestling because it gave a lonely kid something to look forward too every week. Begging thier parents to buy them any wrestling magazine they could find. Having shows to watch during the week instead of Friends or some bs like that. Forging friendships with people they couldnt imagine not having in their lives now Finding a soulmate who loves it just as much as you do. And now that lonely kid is a mom whos little one is excited to watch wrestling with her anytime its on. Full circle. – Alexis

I’ve been watching wrestling since it was 8 years old. Wrestling is my time to get out all my frustration and fully immerse myself in the story and the action. I love the pageantry and soap opera nature of wrestling. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to wrestling. You cheer for the good guy boo the bad guy. No in between. I like to compare it to watching a movie: there’s a villain and a hero or an anti hero in every story. In the movie you generally root for the good guy, you may sympathize with the bad guy but in the end you want the good guy to prevail. That’s how I feel about Wrestling. The story and the athleticism is what I honestly love. These athletes are strong and extremely talented individuals. Wrestling is my therapy my place of solace. I will always love wrestling because it’s apart of me. – Tiffany E