#WLW Top Wrestlers of Week Ending 8/8/2020

WLW Wrestlers of the Week Ending 8/8/2020

Pretty Heels were unable to join us for last week, but will definitely be back and more to join. #WeLuvWrestling

Terry of We Luv Wrestling.com

This week giving a big shoutout to Samoa Joe and that promo he gave on Raw. I like to call it, “I wish somebody would”. Bianca Belair and Zelina Vega from Raw on Monday to Twitch on Saturday, these two ladies are big part of the future of WWE. Who says Kayfabe is dead? Say the name Scorpio Sky! He gave that promo on AEW Dark after his match and on Dynamite letting his intentions being known for the TNT Championship. Next Kylie Rae for her debut at GCW Keep In Touch…  #MDKylie. Then at Warrior Wrestling becoming the #1 contender for the Women’s Title. And you can’t forget her not backing down from Jim Cornette and everybody else when talking about Intergender wrestling. Big E, because Big E. Last person is Brian Cage, awesome match at Warrior Wrestling. Can’t forget the awesome teaser Monteasy gave for his new song, CAGED, Terminate on Sight, that we spotlighted this week. 

Big Shoutout to The Rascalz, Blake Christian, Alex Zayne, and Benjamin Carter for having my Match Of the Week at Warrior Wrestling, Friday Night Lights. 

Nicole of Down 4 The Count Podcast

Katie Forbes for twerking while RVD and her beat up Sami Callahan, yes that is something that happened in 2020. 

Ariane Andrew for making her return to pro wrestling in the AEW women’s the tournament. Despite her and Nyla Rose loosing it was a showcase of Andrews and how much she has improved over the years. 

Retribution/Discount ANTIFA honestly I just like chaos and people tearing shit up for not apparent reason so I like this people based on that alone. 

Maria of Beat Em’ Up Wrestling Podcast

Anna Jay and Tay Conti for getting themselves over on social media and having an amazing showing on the AEW Tag Team Tournament, where in spite of the lack of promotion they generated a big enough buzz and support to become one of the favorite teams in the tournament.  Brian Cage for the way he treated fans and was super nice and approachable during the Warrior Wrestling event, not to mention the match he had with Cobb, Sam Adonis and Lance Archer. The man is huge and can perform some cruiserweight stylespots that never make it to AEW TV.  

Jack Beat Em’ Up Wrestling Podcast

Kylie Rae for her advocacy for women wrestlers and intergender wrestling, her awesome MDKylie performance in GCW, her Wrestle House stuff on Impact, and her Warrior Wrestler number one contender match on Friday, she has been busy killing it in every promotion she appears in. The Good Brothers (Anderson and Gallows) For their amazingly cheesy/corny/super awkward, yet hilarious stuff from Talknshopamania. It was so out there that at times it made no sense but it felt like they were just releasing their demons from being creatively hindered in WWE so they came out swinging. Brit Baker because in spite of being injured, and in spite of the women in AEW only getting 7 minute segments she continues to connect with her heelish promos and get people excited for a neglected division. People can’t wait for Swole to beat the Role Model once she returns to action. 

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