#WLW Wrestlers of the Week Ending 8/22/20

Terry of We Luv Wrestling.com

Street Profits – Montez Ford returning. And them retaining the Raw Tag Team Titles at Summer Slam. Having a long reign I see. Yeaaaaaaaah fam.

Sonya Deville – Everything she went through and the promo she gave on Smackdown and performing at Survivor Series. She deserves to be on here.

Black Wrestlers Matter Show – For doing a show #ForTheCulture 

Shout to the Big Uce Roman Reigns for the return. 

Lauren of We Luv Wrestling.com (Lauren’s Logic)

Sonya– a month ago someone asked the question, “Pick one wrestler to get a big push. Who would it be?” The first person that came to mind was Sonya Deville. When given the opportunity, good storylines and gimmick, Sonya in the ring is very entertaining. Did I mention her promos improved. It’s like she took a hair brush, stood in front of a mirror and practiced during quarantine. 

Roman Reigns!- PERIODT. He could have come on camera and sneezed and I would have marked out. His presence was missed. He always proves why he is the face of the company and the leader in the locker room. SummerSlam was good and he was the icing on the cake. 

Honorable mention- Timothy Thatcher 

Just because I’m all about the Thatchery. 

Nicole of Down 4 The Count Podcast

Asuka- Not only did the empress of tomorrow win against Bayley which gets her the rematch for the RAW women’s championship, plus she also won the battle royal on SmackDown. So at SummerSlam Asuka could potentially become Asuka 2 Belts! 

FTR-  for being one of the best tag teams around and showing it on Wednesday that they don’t need legends to get themselves over. 

Scarlett- she literally fireballed the NXT champ. Lol But in all seriousness she’s really killing it with her role. And I’m sure Woman would be insanely proud.

Elleinad of the Pretty Heels XOXO


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