#WLW Top Wrestlers of Week Ending 8/1/2020

WLW Wrestlers of the Week Ending 8/1/2020

Terry of We Luv Wrestling.com

Sasha Banks and you know why!” Sasha Banks became the Raw Women’s Champion and that was enough for me. Blake Christian gets mentioned this week courtesy of his two awesome matches (7/25 & 7/26) at GCW Homecoming. The promo that The North cut on Tuesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling with Josh Alexander doing the talking and Ethan Page held speechless was an incredible piece of work. And I have to mention Big E, as he starts his single push, I’m all here for it. Lio Rush vs Joey Janela. That’s it.

Nicole of Down 4 The Count Podcast

Nicole is here for Bray Wyatt continuously pushing the envelope with his character work. His appearance at the ending of Smackdown was pleasant yet intriguing to most. Matt Cardona (FKA Zack Ryder) debuting on AEW and making an immediate impact was also noteworthy. And AJ Gray for killing it at the Beyond Wrestling/GCW weekend shows over the prior weekend and still making sure it was known that he was HERE FOR THE CULTURE!

Maria of Beat Em’ Up Wrestling Podcast

The Warhorse/Danhausen bromance phone call before Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite episode was hilarious and granted them the top spot of Maria’s list. The Dark Order LEADER, Brodie Lee “…using papers as a weapon is my go to for happiness…”. An epic moment of silliness, but still incorporating wrestling is a great balance.  Abadon’s AEW Dark debut of her new finisher was also memorable. “It was a hard pick for me,” says Maria, “but an honorable mention will also be the love of MJF’s promo in a tie with the Joey Janela/Lio Rush match on the second day of GCW’s Homecoming PayPerView on 7/26.”

Jack Beat Em’ Up Wrestling Podcast

Warhorse gets a number #1 nod for his use of Social Media to get his match. I don’t think the wrestling world was aware of actually how many people would rally around Warhorse and his stepping up to Cody Rhodes open challenge for the AEW Dynamite TNT TV Title. Lio Rush and Joey Janela are tied for second for their emotional message and the match they gave bringing attention to mental health, its importance and the toxicity that exists in the wrestling community.

Elleinad of the Pretty Heels XOXO

The incomparable Big E definitely is #1 on my list for this week. The PUSH that fans and social media are demanding is definitely a campaign I can get behind. Make him a champion AGAIN! Whether it be the Universal or the World Heavyweight Champion, just make sure he gets a strap! Yes, he has been the Intercontinental Champion before…but now that he is all about this singles run, put a top belt on that man. He can bang with the best of big men and definitely can beat them. The un-killable Darby Allin makes number two on my list of top wrestlers for this week. No matter what size and power his opponent is, he is always up for the challenge. He may die two or three times during the match, but he is always guaranteed to get back up and finish! I made every attempt to keep a close eye on Mercedes Martinez and what NXT has planned for her. Her match against Shotiz Blackheart was a bit underwhelming considering I have followed a bit of her (Mercedes’) independent career and more so know that she is definitely capable of more. You can tell she is holding back and I hope it is for storyline sake. Alexa Bliss will have to be my honorable mention due to her “deer in the headlights” scene upon Brays’ arrival in the Ring at the end of Smackdown on Friday (7/31). I am low key happy about the quarrel between her and Nikki Cross. I enjoy Nikki as a heel and singles competitor better than as a tag team face.

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