GCW (Game Changer Wrestling) Homecoming Day 1

Due to the current state of the country, we will forever be appreciative of the efforted and innovative ways that promotions come up with to provide us die hard fans with our wrestling fix. From fans all over the nation, for forever and a day, THANK YOU.

   Day 1 At the Showboat Casino, Boardwalk Garden in Atlantic City, NJ, GCW (Game Changer Wrestling) took super advantage of the this wonderful warm and clear skied summer day by providing us with live entertainment from some of the best wrestlers our planet has to offer. 

Scramble Match

Allie Kat vs Lee Moriarty vs Calvin Tankman vs Matthew Justice vs Jimmy Lloyd vs Benjamin Carter

The matches’ pace went up and down the richter scale. After the ring was initially cleared and bodies were being thrown outside of the ring down on to the hard boardwalk slabs. Allie Cat and Jimmy Lloyd shared a moment of high fives which turned into cat poses and eventually led to Allie being clotheslined. Benjamin Carter is a high flyer and fast paced rope entangler, while you have the presence of Calvin Tankman defying all the stereotypes of traditional big men by swantoning into the crowd and exhibiting what he calls “HeavyWeight Hustle”. Early on in the match it was kinda hard to tell which was the win was gonna go, but after Tankman’s double suplex of Matthew Justice and Lee Moriarty, we pretty much understood whose hand was gonna be raised in victory. WINNER CALVIN TANKMAN

ACH vs TRE Lamar

This match opened up to “Welcome Back” chants towards ACH as this is his first time being back in GCW after coming back to the Indies. These two guys were putting on a clinic of holds and mat work while getting to understand each others style as this being the first time they have wrestled each other. ACH was using the actual boardwalk to his advantage along side the crowd definitely being in his favor. Possibly letting his ego get the best of him, he did quite a bit of showboating, but in the end was able to seal the deal with the pin.  WINNER ACH

Chris Dickinson vs Mance Warner

Mance Warner made sure to let his music play a bit before he made his grand entrance. The vibe of the event increased and the crowd welcomed him with mild cheers. Chris Dickinson came in kicking chairs out the way making sure everyone was aware that the “Dirty Daddy” came to fight! Opening the match up with a dropkick, this was a very clear message that there was business between these two to be taken care of. The series of chops got all the machismo juices flowing and led to a quick take down and solidified Dickinson with the win.  WINNER CHRIS DICKINSON

Blake Christian vs Alex Zayne

Blake Christian was the obvious underdog in this match as he is half of the size of his opponent, but has been known to be twice as fast and agilic. Alex Zayne made sure to sustain his social distancing upon his entrance. Air high fiving the crowd. While towering over his opponent, Christian did follow up with his own set of high risk and flying moves to help people understand tall being tall doesn’t always mean grounded. Blake Christan refused to stay on the mat with all of his amazing high risk moves, keeping the crowds on their toes and fingers on their cameras to catch a still of one of those monumental moments. The amount of kick outs kept everyones heart on edge of who the actual winner was going to be. In the end Alex Zayne’s kick out was just 3 second to late. WINNER BLAKE CHRISTAN


Alex Colon vs AJ Gray

Sporting a Black “Black Lives Matter” sweatshirt, AJ Gray comes out and gets the crowd pumped to his Waka Flocka entrance music. Super intentional about being “the Muthafucking Truth” and doing this “For The Culture”. Alex Colon comes out bashing light tubes over his own head as the deathmatch quickly gets underway. Tables, chairs, doors, barbed wire and all types of short walls of glass are just a few accessories involved in today’s DEATHMATCH festivities. While some may slow down at the site of blood, Gray picks up momentum and used the visible blood as a catalyst to ensure the win. Can’t ever get enough of the “YOU SICK FUCK” chants as both of these men are no stranger to these types of matches. Alex Colon hit the spanish fly into the short glass wall and light tube debris that graced the mat for the win. WINNER ALEX COLON

During the intermission a Wedding Proposal took place and SHE said Yes!!!

Effy vs Nate Webb

The “Teenage dirtbag” SPIDER Nate Webb is set to go up against crowd favorite Effy. This match starts off with Rock, Paper, Scissors deciding contest which turns into a smack exhibition. Effy displays an upper hand advantage and leads early in the match as one of his takedowns lands into a back rub and massage. Nate Webb breaks out of the moment and proceeds to change the dynamics of the match. He executes “vintage” Nate Webb by landing an elevator drop chair sault while holding a steel chair, but Effy wins by applying the dragon clutch and Nate Webb goes unconscious. WINNER EFFY


Nick Gage vs Shlack

The Mayor of Trash Island, Shlack comes out with his super hyped headbanging metal entrance music and all of that comes to a immediate halt as the KING makes his presence known alongsids chants of MDK (Murder Death Kill Gang)…its Nick Cage! These men get started ASAP with the shattering of light tubes and slams through a door propped up by a light tube pyramid constructed by Shlack. Eddy Only and his crew run into the ring, assert themselves and force an illegitimate pin resulting in Shlack getting the W. WINNER SHLACK (due to interference by Eddy Only and crew)

Joey Janela vs YOSHIHIKO

Joey comes out to a welcoming roar from the crowd especially being down the road from his hometown of Ashbury Park, NJ. His opponent is brought about a masked handler dressed in all black. DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Pro Wrestling in Japan. Joey dominated this match for the most part breaking kayfabe and trying to help you (the reader) understand that he was fighting a mannequin. WINNER JOEY JANELA

Joey Janela then issued an open challenge to whoever is up for a shot at the DDT Pro Wrestling Ironman HeavyWeight Title. He was then ambushed by  YOSHIHIKO’s handler who revealed himself to be Lio Rush.  


RSP (Ricky Shane Page) vs HOMICIDE

RSP comes to the ring with his squad of goons oh 44OH! and is currently the GCW World Champion and has been for 130 days. This is his 2nd title defense courtesy of Covid-19. Homicide is announced and celebrated by the crowd with chants of “Hom-icide”.  This match literally was a race against time as the sun began rapidly setting for the full duration of the match. WINNER RSP

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