GCW (Game Changer Wrestling) Homecoming Day 2

Day 2 At the Showboat Casino, Boardwalk Garden in Atlantic City, NJ, GCW (Game Changer Wrestling) definitely showed huge appreciation to yet another wonderful warm and clear skied summer day by gracing the fans with a second day of live entertainment from some of the best wrestlers our planet has to offer. 

Tony Deppen vs Lee Moriarty

As the first match of the day and not an inkling of clouds to present shade in sight, this match began with a showcase of holds and endurance under the amazing July sun. These two put on a clinic. Their chemistry can only lead one to believe this is not the first meeting between the two and and definitely not the last. Yet and still the better man prevailed.  WINNER LEE MORIARTY

THESE GUYS (Logan Stunt, Facade, Pinkie Sanchez (El Presidente) and Benjamin Carter)


SGC – Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Effy, One Called Manders Matthew Justice, Mance Warner)

An 8 man tag match with a wide assortment of characters proved to be as interesting as it seemed on paper. This match literally checked off the entire checklist for a great muti-man match. High flying, dives, take down maneuvers and super innovative slams. Unfortunately we didn’t get the fireball that Facade is known for, but the wind challenges served as a distraction which led Effy of THESE GUYS crew going for and being successful with the pin. WINNER SGC


ACH was fan favorite for this bout and came to show the world what they may have missed in his absence. Although he did his share of showboating, KTB was sure to use those moments to his advantage and helped everyone watching to understand why he is indeed called THE BEAST. This definitely was a hell of a battle, but his experience and perseverance aided him much so in this victory.  WINNER ACH


Alex Colon vs Zachary Wentz

These two immediately go at it in this deathmatch on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. GCW’s budget for light tubes must be endless. Of course there was blood shed, but that didn’t stop Alex Colon from proving his point to Zachary Wentz and self proclaiming himself as the hardcore deathmatch dominator. As a vet in the industry and world renown, you will not show up his hardcoreness. Later in the match, Wentz showed signs of having the upper hand so much that he made an attempt to end this match with Colon going through a glass table. Epic fail.  WINNER ALEX COLON

Scramble Match

Alex Zayne vs Myron Reed vs Blake Christian vs Tre Lamar vs Jordan Oliver vs Jimmy Lloyd

With 4 of the 6 competitors having wrestled just 24 hours prior, it was interesting to see how all of this talent was gonna hold up at more than likely less than 100 percent. The amount of 450s and frog splashes executed in this match was just a piece of the proof that this match should have taken place in the sky. With his agility and ring awareness, Blake Christan was able to take advantage of the moments everyone else was scrambling outside the ring and go for the immediate pin without interference. WINNER BLAKE CHRISTIAN

Chris Dickinson vs Calvin Tankman

Tankman dominated earlier on and repeatedly asked “Is this the Dirty Daddy huh!?!?”. Dickinson slightly retreated to the outside of the ring to regroup and make an attempt to get back in the match. These two exchanged a series of deadly chops and then Dickinson took to the air with a missile drop kick to throw Tankman off balance. Dickinson was waiting patiently for Tankman to miss step or slip up and use that moment to capitalize. That strategy and tactic led to the pin. WINNER CHRIS DICKINSON

Joey Janela vs. Lio Rush

This match was brought to us courtesy of Lio’s surprise appearance as the handler for YOSHIHIKO and in response to the open challenge that Joey issued after winning the DDT Pro Wrestling Ironman HeavyWeight Championship belt the evening before. These two were equally welcomed by the crowd with high energy and chats of “Welcome Back!”. The match gets underway with a series of shoves and shit talking, The commentators speak of the “Ring Rust” that Lio may have being that this is his first match back since being released.  But Lio’s actual agility and counter strikes definitely said otherwise. With aid from the GCW Show crew, Joey Janela set up the ultimate WTF stage for a super high risk elbow drop from the top of one of the pillars at the Showboat’s Boardwalk Garden area,  onto a makeshift table of doors and chairs that Lio was placed on. Miraculously, after this super high risk stunt, the two were able to make their way to to the ring where Joey went in for the pin. WINNER JOEY JANELA

Joey Janela addresses the crowd and the haters speaking of the importance of giving the fans what they want and thanking those in attendance and watching from home while also reminding them to disregard the internet trolls and critics. He reflected and gave his personal narrative on how much he respected his fellow independent wrestlers and that no matter what, GCW will always be his home. He spoke about the importance of supporting ACH and Lio Rush and yelled out BLACK LIVES fucking MATTER!!!! The mic was then given to Lio and he also thanked the audience and everyone who has supported him during his journey. Joey then said that this is not Lio’s last match, not on his {Joey Janela’s} watch!

Allie Kat vs Nate Webb

44OH! come out and wreak havoc on Allie Kat and Nate Webb and of course the bell hadn’t even rang yet. 44OH! grab the mic and call out Nick Gage who was injured and taken get medical attention. They then announced that this match will not take place and that their event is the Main Event and will take place right then and there!



440H! Vs. MDK (Shlak) 

MATCH Stipulations: Nick Gage’s Wrestling Career on the line and 44Oh! Gets a GCW Championship Title Shot if won
Immediately this was a handicap match as Shlak was the only person present to represent MDK. It starts off with the bashing of a light tube over Shlak’s head. This 5 on 1 proved to be very brutal and continued the progress of demolishing Shlak. Alex Colon surprisingly appears heavily bandaged to the aid of Shlak. AJ Gray then appears and challenges any and all of 44Oh! to try him. At this point, Gray, Colon and Shlak as a collective are representing MDK and making sure to brutally dismantle whatever was left of 44OH! Shattered ankle and all,  Nick Gage comes out from the back heavily bandaged and solidifies the win. WINNER MDK by pinfall from NICK GAGE

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